Can I buy one hour of your time

A man comes home, late, as usual, tired and irritated. His six years son is waiting for him at the door.

– Dad, can I ask you something ?

 – Of course.

 – Dad, how much money do you earn in an hour ?

 – It is none of your business. What sort of a question is that ? answers the father angrily.

 – I only wanted to know….Please Dad, tell me.

 – All right, if you want to know, I earn 35 Euros per hour.

Oh! said the child, his head down. Then he puts his head up.

– May I borrow 10 Euros, please Dad ?

The father is furious.

 – If you wanted to know how much I earn just to borrow some money to go and spend it on some rubbish, then go to your room. How can you be so selfish. I work hard and I do not have time to waste.

The child leaves and goes to his room. The father sits down, still feeling very angry. After an hour, he quietens down and can’t help thinking that  he was quite harsh with his son. Maybe his son wanted to buy something he needed, something important to his eyes. Then he goes to his son’s room.

 – I was a little bit harsh with you, here are the 10 Euros you wanted.

The child stands up, beaming.

Thanks Dad.

Then he takes some creased notes from under his pillow and carefully count them.

– Why did you want some money if you already had some asked the father ?

– I did not have enough Dad. I now have 35 euros. Can I buy one hour of your time ?


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